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Deftech BP3000TL speakers and UPS don’t get along

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(More in the way of ignore the election by posting random stuff). Well I have a 20 year old pari of Def Tech BP3000TL speakers. Back then they were monsters weighing 150 pounds plus each and standing over five feet tall. They also have 1,000 watt amplifiers in them for 18″ subwoofers which is pretty…

Is it time to get into 8K with the Sony Z8H or Samsung? Probably not.

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(More distractions from electionitis)! Well we’ve reached the point where 4K displays are main stream. When you can buy a great 43” television for $530 in 4K, you know that we’ve reached a great point. Some sets like the LG CX show the quality you can get at 65” with 4K. It took 7 years…

TV color calibration and backlighting the final step to image quality

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Well assuming you have a nice flat screen, how do you make sure the colors are correct. Most folks run their systems really bright and blue and a correctly calibrated system is going to a first look flat and then you will see the details. In the old days, you did color calibration with a…

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Rounding Deftech BP-3000 out with surround speakers and Atmos elevation speakers

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Well, I have resurrected an old 5.1 mini speaker system (an Energy Take 5) and it sounds really great. Adding a Denon AVR-X3700H and then four NHT Atmos Mini Add-on was a great choice. by luck, these tiny little speakers fit on top of the Energy Take 5 modules and the room sounds really nice….

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Upgrading your PC and display to a Home Theater

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Well, computers and home theaters have really converged. Since the pandemic, I’ve been using a 55″ OLED television(thank you LG 55B9!) as a computer monitor. It’s awesome to have six (?!) windows open and to be able to write code in all of them. But what if in the evenings, you want to reuse this…

The Best HDMI Switchers – IGN

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Well as usual I’m one port short. The system is 1080p only so don’t really need 4K switching (yet!).The big benefit of this one is automatic switching so you don’t have to program things Kinivo’s HDMI switcher is a stylish accessory for your entertainer center and can even switch inputs automatically based on what device…

Computer VGA to Component Output

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OK, if you’ve got a flat panel TV and want to project say some movies from your computer, how do you do it. You need a magic box called a “VGA to TV Convertor”:http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/PC-TV_video_adapter.html. Ram has one for $99 that takes VGA analog output and then converts it into component video (those three cables) or…