Memorial Day Sales and buying HomePod, AirPod Pro

Well there are some decent Memorial Day sales, but when you are buying electronics, you also have to pay attention to obsolesce because sometimes the reason for the sale is that they are going to get rid of the product. So with that said, what are some pretty good deals here, so using the MacRumors […]

The ultimate Covid-19 Home Office

OK, I’ve gone from spending an hour in my home working to nine Zoom calls on Friday and then working until 10PM on various projects (Covid response, helping companies survive, investment funds, etc.). So suddenly having the right home office setup has become really important. So help the economy and order some stuff, but here […]

How To Connect iPhone Or iPad Files App To Mac Via SMB [Tutorial] – iOS Hacker

In this step by step tutorial we will show you how you can enable SMB and use your iPhone or iPad’s Files app to access the files stored on your Mac’s hard drive. This a super useful new nerd feature. The new Files application on iOS 13 has three dots at the top. If you […]

Argh iOS Bluetooth connects but won’t play audio

Well this has happened on both iOS 12.4.1 for our iPhone X and iPad Pro. With the Sony WH1000M3 and the Apple AirPod, if you connect it to an iOS device, then you will see the phone connects, but when you try to play music, the magic output button doesn’t show the Bluetooth headset. Instead, […]

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