Rockbox – Open Source Jukebox Firmware. Wow how cool. This is an open source firmware replacement for iPods as well as certain models of iRiver (H100 and H300), iAudio X5 and Archos. Kind of amazing folks have done this. “Cnet”: says that it isn’t flashy, but has lots of features that nerds like me will […]

iPod Disk Mode

!! Putting iPod into Disk Mode. This is a very confusing mode and lots of folks seem to get stuck in. Basically, if you run a reset and then press Select and Play right afterwards, you get into a low level mode called (badly IMHO) disk mode. What this means is that only the very […]

iHome iH5 Clock Radio and iPod Dock

!>! :: LAPTOP Magazine • iHome iH5 :: bq. One look at iHome’s iH5 iPod alarm clock prompts an immediate question, “why didn’t somebody come out with this thing sooner?” The device features an input jack for a number of audio devices, but it’s primarily designed to fit iPods, featuring special inserts that plug into […]

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