The Trials and Tribulations of Windows 10, HDR and Atmos and Zoom

OK given the pandemic, i”ve been spending alot of time at home. We have a dedicated gaming 4K HDR PC that I’ve used with a 5-channel Corsair Vengeance 1500 for years, but what if we want to make this into a mini home theater and have a dual use as a zoom center. Well, with […]

Ah the joys and horrors of using Windows 10 Driver and shortcut hell

Man I had forgotten how confusing Windows can be. Having loved windows and then been a Mac user for the last 10 years, I finally have a PC that I use mainly for gaming, but since it has a huge screen, it is also useful for other stuff and heck I’m a curious person. So […]

Upgrading your PC and display to a Home Theater

Well, computers and home theaters have really converged. Since the pandemic, I’ve been using a 55″ OLED television(thank you LG 55B9!) as a computer monitor. It’s awesome to have six (?!) windows open and to be able to write code in all of them. But what if in the evenings, you want to reuse this […]

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