COVID-19 Music

OK, in these times, sometime it seems like a good music playlist is just so vital, so here are some that we’ve been listening to: Hotel Costes Curated Lists. If you sometime need to feel like you in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, there is nothing like the playlist that this cool boutique hotel has. […]

Rich’s Top 10 Songs This Week

So what am I listening to these days…sometimes it is just a few songs over and over. So check them out…Thanks to “Nutsie”:, you can easily hook into the music videos of the songs you like. And with YouTube, folks are making “music videos” out of almost everything…So here is Rich’s top 10 and most […]

mp3 tagger

OK, I use Tritag for making my mp3s have nice tags, but it doesn’t have either lyric finding or artwork finding. “”: if you can believe it actually has a review of all Mac based MP3 taggers (talk about narrowcasting). Here are some good recommendations: “MP3-Info”: This lets you right click and look at tags, […]

Wyclef Jean and Keep Holding On

OMG, I just love “Sweetest Girl”: by Wyclef Jean. it is terrific Hip Hop for those of you who like that kind of stuff. Check out the “video”: I’m also listening to “Avril Lavigne’s”: “Keep Holding On”:

Daniel My Brother

I’ve always loved this song by Elton John and thought it was just about two brothers leaving, but saw being a “Cold Case”: mainly because of its great “Soundtrack”:;title;1 I found out that the song has a missing set of lyrics. Apparently, it was really about a fictional Vietnam vet who has lost his sight […]

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