Smarter Wrap Cord Manager

!<! Etymotic has these really useful cord wrappers. This is just a small piece of rubber that you can wrap your cords around. They cost $5 each plus shipping, so a little bit of a rip off. A little google shows that “Amazon”: has these same little things, but you get 3 for $11 including […]

Motorola H5 Miniblue almost here

!<!: Here is the coolest headset ever. The aren’t in stock yet, but folks are now adding them to their lists, it is the smallest and uses in-bone conductance. Prices range from $130-160. powered by performancing firefox

Motorola KRZR K1

!>!: are here the next generation RAZR is now available from OEM sites. They are expensive at $400 or so, but they are coming. They are basically slightly slimmer and smaller, but the main technical features are a 2 megapixel camera, EDGE for faster data services, a MicroSD memory card so you can listen to […]

China Mobile WAP, MMS, SMTP/POP and GPRS Settings

OK, here are the detailed configuration you’ll need for a phone you want to make work with a China Mobile SIM thanks to “kuldaen”: For WAP, the official site is on “”: WAP home: Gateway IP: Port: 9201 GPRS APN: cmwap Username and Password don’t matter BTW with Sony Ericsson phones, they have […]

Engadget Mobile

Engadget realy does have a good set of mobile tidbit from around the world including some interesting trends: h2. Innovations The big ones appear to be making things slimmer and slimmer and also having a real music phone plus an onslaught of Windows Mobile devices: !! “Motorola Canary”:, this is the RAZR follow-on codenamed the […]

Motorola RAZR V3 Mods

Wow, “Mark”: has a great tutorial on how to modify and make the razor really yours. Here’s a quick summary of what I did based on his excellent site. h2. Getting Started with the right bootloader * “Software”: First off, he tells you about all the software you need. A key piece is going looking […]

Switching to Qwest and T-mobile

Well, if you are concerned at all about the government looking over your phone records, it looks like T-mobile and “Qwest”: are giving record voluntarily. It was a good chance to see what those folks are up to. I was amazed at how prices have come down: * “Domestic Long Distance”: If you are a […]

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