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Smarter Wrap Cord Manager

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!<http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/images/er4-88.jpg! Etymotic has these really useful cord wrappers. This is just a small piece of rubber that you can wrap your cords around. They cost $5 each plus shipping, so a little bit of a rip off. A little google shows that “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com/SmarterWrap-Manager-Earphone-Headphone-Black/dp/tech-data/B000ENL6MY/ref=de_a_smtd/103-1802632-5118214?ie=UTF8&m=A1NOY9EOR8TXD6 has these same little things, but you get 3 for $11 including…

Motorola H5 Miniblue almost here

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!<http://img.shopping.com/cctool/PrdImg/images/pr/177X150/00/02/12/76/5b/34764379.JPG!:http://www.cnet.com/Motorola_H5_MiniBlue/4660-11405_1-6415241.html?tag=vid. Here is the coolest headset ever. The aren’t in stock yet, but folks are now adding them to their lists, it is the smallest and uses in-bone conductance. Prices range from $130-160. powered by performancing firefox

Motorola KRZR K1

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!>http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motokrzr/images/thumb_motokrzr_k1.jpg!:http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motokrzr/They are here the next generation RAZR is now available from OEM sites. They are expensive at $400 or so, but they are coming. They are basically slightly slimmer and smaller, but the main technical features are a 2 megapixel camera, EDGE for faster data services, a MicroSD memory card so you can listen to…

China Mobile WAP, MMS, SMTP/POP and GPRS Settings

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OK, here are the detailed configuration you’ll need for a phone you want to make work with a China Mobile SIM thanks to “kuldaen”:http://www.shanghaiexpat.com/index.php?name=MDForum&file=viewtopic&p=449343 For WAP, the official site is on “Monternet.com”:http://www.monternet.com/moneditor/cs/wap/wapguide/ WAP home: http://wap.monternet.com Gateway IP: Port: 9201 GPRS APN: cmwap Username and Password don’t matter BTW with Sony Ericsson phones, they have…

Engadget Mobile

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Engadget realy does have a good set of mobile tidbit from around the world including some interesting trends: h2. Innovations The big ones appear to be making things slimmer and slimmer and also having a real music phone plus an onslaught of Windows Mobile devices: !http://www.engadgetmobile.com/media/2006/06/canary14.jpg! “Motorola Canary”:http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2006/06/14/motorola-canary-razr-2-hands-on/, this is the RAZR follow-on codenamed the…

Motorola RAZR V3 Mods

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Wow, “Mark”:http://www.mark-world.tv/motorola/ has a great tutorial on how to modify and make the razor really yours. Here’s a quick summary of what I did based on his excellent site. h2. Getting Started with the right bootloader * “Software”:http://www.mark-world.tv/motorola/page1.html. First off, he tells you about all the software you need. A key piece is going looking…

Motorola V3 RAZR Modding

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OK, now that we have a Motorola V3, its fun to see what the internet world has been doing to customize it. It’s kind of amazing the tools that are now available and the amount of hacking people have done: * “Motox”:http://motox.us. This is a big modding site with lots of firmware. The essentials are…

Switching to Qwest and T-mobile

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Well, if you are concerned at all about the government looking over your phone records, it looks like T-mobile and “Qwest”:http://www.qwest.com/LongDistance/index.html are giving record voluntarily. It was a good chance to see what those folks are up to. I was amazed at how prices have come down: * “Domestic Long Distance”:http://www.qwest.com/LongDistance/index.html. If you are a…