“Bob”:http://bobsplanet.com came by and showed me his incredible HDR photos. You use a feature called automatic exposure bracketing to take multiple photos of the same still scene (you have to a tripod to do this). The software at “HDRSoft.com”:http://hdrsoft.com called Photomatix then takes the images and combines them into a truly remarkable image that has […]

Picture Frames

Now that I’m doing so many digital photos, the missing step is now getting frames for all these neat pictures. As usual google:”Picture Frames” is the answer with some pretty interesting online places including: * “Pictureframes.com”:http://www.pictureframes.com/. I’m not sure they are any cheaper, but they have a huge selection. Wooden frames in just about any […]

Shooting Fireworks

!New York Institute of Photography – Fireworks Photography – Tips for Great Fireworks Photographs from NYIP. Happy 4th of July, here are some tips on shooting fireworks. The basics are that you need a tripod and you need to be able to take a long exposure. With “digital cameras”:http://www.nyip.com/tips/current/digfirewks.php, you need a tripod, a cable […]

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400: Long-term Review

Shutterbug: Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400. Two years ago, I bought the then brand new 5400. It had a resolution advantage then over the Nikon 4000 and since then the technology has plateaued. Most film has about 4000 dpi and I’ve actually found that for most photos, 2700 dpi is just fine unless you are […]

More on PMA 2006

“Luminous Landscape”:http://www.luminous-landscape.com/essays/pma-30000.shtml really had some other great insights from the PMA. You can read the piece, but the summary is: * The megapixel wars are over. You won’t see new cameras every 12 months anymore. What a relief! Instead, the 6-8 megapixel cameras will be for amateurs and focus on low noise and higher quality. […]

Scanning Services

When I get board of scanning each slide in, I looked at these services. They are expensive at $1-2/slide or 35mm but when you consider it takes about 10 minutes per slide for me to do it myself, it doesn’t look so bad. Larsen Digital Services. These guys are the top hit from google:”professional 35mm […]

PMA 2006 Analysis

Thoughts About PMA 2006 and “Luminous Landscape”:http://www.luminous-landscape.com/essays/pma-30000.shtml. A great analysis of the the latest Photo Marketing Association trade show and what it means. First a good analysis of the various markets that are emerging. This is very complicated because folks don’t have standard terms, but here’s a good breakdown: The great Megapixel Race appears to […]

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