DT1: Deon and Tong Pipelines RUs!

Here is the YouTube link for the video podcast: The first Podcast and I find that I have no less than three podcast players in my WordPress, so apologies. The first is something called Podcast Player which seems broken. The second one is also called PodCast Player, but it seems like it provides a long […]

Rich is on Ryan’s Ride the Lightening Tesla Unofficial Podcast

I’ve been meaning to these but @ryan is completely amazing and a great commentator. Listen to episode 300 where I’m the pro tip of the week! Long and short use abrp for long road trips and charge at v3 stops because you don’t share with the other station. On Apple, Spotify and other places. I’ll […]

Now a diversion on Free Energy and the Brain

In the world of Covid-19, it’s hard to think about anything else, but while doing some exercise, listening to Sean Carroll has been great. His book on Quantum Physics called Something Deeply Hidden was excellent. But this latest podcast with Karl Friston was something else. Who knows if it is correct, but there are two […]

Podcast Recording Equipment

PORTABLE PODCASTING RECORDING EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS | The Sound Professionals, Inc.. I’ve been getting things from Sound Professionals. They are great. Now they are pre bundling equipment for podcasting which is great. Unlike trying to mate an iRiver iFP-799 with a microphone, these are more dedicated devices. I actually think while more expensive these will ergonomically […]

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