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Dining with company

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So here is my own list of dining for a great occasion: * Nishino. Omasekase dinner and get the private room too! * “Art of the Table”:http://www.artofthetable.net/reservations.html. This is the latest trend, semiprivate dining. Reservations are impossible and you have to do weeks in advance. Only for thursday, friday and saturday. * “how to cook…

Best Restaurants by KIRO, 10Best

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“KIRO”:http://www.kirotv.com/restaurants/2030549/detail.html has a restaurant list. Let’s see how good they are: “Pike Place Market”:http://www.kirotv.com/restaurants/2030543/detail.html * Alibi Room. I have to try it. * Campagne. I actually like Cafe Campagne way better * Chez Shea. Haven’t tried in a long time * Il Bistro. Same need to try * Le Pichet. Another one to try *…