Dealing with your Remote Technologies Inc RTI-8V and remote

Well we got the Logitech Harmony working fine and I’m amazed how easy it is. We also got a new RTI-8V to replace a Crestron and here are some tips: Reboot the processor. There is no way to do this other than to unplug it and then wait for a minute and then the display […]

iPhone Garmin Connect Loses Sync with 520 Plus

Ok, getting the Garmin 520 Plus to work with an Iphone was a chore. But if, the iPhone deletes the Garmin Connect automatically then you lose the connection and have to start all over. I worked on this before thanks to Brad, but the procedure actually worked. To review, if the Garmin Connect fails then […]

MacBook Air Disk problems and how to Remote Bookt

Well, when my machine was freezing, I was used to Windows so my first thought was, uh oh, the hard disk is crashing. Ran Disk Utility and it asked me to Repair the disk with the installation Mac OS X. First note, you should always have this DVD with you whereever you go (I didn’t), […]

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