Wikka Wiki File Upload Size Limit

It isn’t well documented. In fact, it isn’t documented at all, but the http://wikkawiki.org/FilesAction method allows you to put {{files}} into any Wikki page and then a registered user can upload things. It has a hidden parameter for 2MB files and limits the files which sounds smart… $max_upload_size = “21048576”; $allowed_extensions = ‘gif|jpeg|jpg|jpe|doc|xls|…’; The solution […]

Old tongfamily links back up

OK, it took some time to realize that my backup of the original tongfamily.com on MovableType were incomplete. I didn’t get anything from the old root directory that was past index.php (strange since I don’t recall deleting anything from the original share, but somehow all kinds of things are missing). In any case, all the […]

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