Seattle to San Francisco

Adventure Cycling Association. Hoops and I were thinking about going from Seattle to San Francisco. Adventure Cycling is a great organization that makes planning this easy. They sell a complete map set. They also have a set of GPS coordinates that you can download. Very convenient. My buddy Jeff has a bicycle GPS made by […]

Snohomish County Rides

Community Transit Online – Smile and Ride. Had a great day doing a 90 miler with Dave and “Peter”: It was cold and riany and then incredibly windy, nevertheless, we got up to Everett and then Snohomish. Never did find Monroe and then Duvall and Carnation though. Here are some notes on how to get […]

Bicycle Maps

Maps and Routes. As part of getting ready for the STP, it sure does mean that there are lots of routes to figure out. Here are some of the places to find routes: * “Snohomish County”: A little hard to find, but these are the routes in Snohomish County. You get up there a variety […]

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