Chef Nance

!>!: We had a great dinner with Chef Nance last night. It is a great idea, to learn to cook while having a dinner party. It gives folks something to do and people like hanging out in the kitchen anyway. Nance does a wonderful job and she’s worked for the McCaws and another prominent Seattle […]

Anything that Brad likes

I’m going to like I think 🙂 In any case, this is a modern Italian restaurant in midtown on 55th St, it is has a great location across from the big city theater. I was jet lagged after a 14 hour trip to get there, but the food did impress.

The food there is very good northern Italian. I had the chop and it was terrific. The appetizers are very nice too and if you are smart let someone there select a nice Italian red to go with your dinner.

Desserts are the typical amazing fare 🙂

Boutique and centrally located

Hotels in NYC are outrageously expensive, but as hotels go, this one is quite nice mainly because it is right in the heart of midtown where you can usually find mega skyscrapers, but the boutiques are expensive.

The room was very small, but the service was quite good. We had a small meeting there and it is in the basement, but the food for breakfast was OK.

Recommend it if you have money for a good midtown location but don’t want the pretentiousness of a Carlyle (or the price for that matter).

They just got acquired but are even better

I was reminded once again how much I like the Garden Court. It is right in the middle of Palo Alto and with the renaissance of the center there, there are fewer t-shirt shops and many more classy restaurants.

The Garden Court is de rigour for the Stanford MBA events, but it is really a nice hotel. Free wifi and Internet and they are now part of an exclusive chain.

The service if anything is better than ever and I really like the winebar and the morning coffee and danish they serve. Also this is one of the few places with parking in central Palo Alto.

Elegant dining with terrific Lamb and Mediterranean

I had a dinner with some folks there last week, it is right at Emerson and University in Palo Alto, so convenient to get to. They have a great wine list (which restaurants in tony Palo Alto don’t). Metroactive ( seems to have the best reviews of local Palo Alto eateries.

My buddies who took me there recommended the lamb and the veal chops. I have to say they were terrific as was all the wines. You really need to go there with friends as there are so many different things to try. I also had their .

If you are wondering, Lavanda is Italian for lavender and the chef is a well know fellow down there. His name is Clyde Griesbach and he was at Marbella, Azur and Goosetown Café.

Quick, clean and tasty

Well, I don’t know how authentic it is, but Shiok is a great find in Menlo Park, its on a quiet street and it has great teas including the lime one that I had where you got to pour your own sweetener in. The shrimp was really tasty and the service was quick.

My buddy who goes there quite a bit tells me it is very reliable.

A perfect hangout right around the corner from the glitz of Stanford Shopping Center. Glad there are still places like this on the Peninsula.

Linda Withington can do small and large jobs…

It wasn’t clear from this if you want a landscaper or a landscape architect. This review is for an architect to plan a project.

We’ve had her work on a small landscaping, a big one and then a whole front lawn and she’s done great each time. Not the cheapest, but you’ll get a really creative design that really uses Northwest native plants.

If you are looking for the ball of evergreen and the big green lawn, she’s not the right person, but she did for us one project where she used waving native grasses that looked just great. In another project, she took a really bare naked lawn and used creative hardscaping to break up the sight lines (a la Central Park or our very own Lake Washington Blvd) to make everything super private.

Another reliable fellow

The folks at Sprague do our regular pest control maintenance. They are good about coming regularly and they do a good job.

Our main problem has been carpenter ants, but when you need a nasty yellow jacket nest taken care of, they will do it.

They are environmentally sensitive to the extent you can be, so there are some spots where we don’t spray but just watch for the big ants. BTW, this was a bad year, so keep on the look out. Carpenter ants are rampant in Seattle.

We’ve been working with Chet for three years now

And the best thing is that he’s reliable. You can call him on his cell phone and he’ll tell you what job he is on and what is doing. The carpet cleaning is thorough. Probably a little on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.

The nice thing is that you can just say the carpets up the stairs are dirty and he’ll just do those. None of this, we’ll do a room and then rip you off.

With all the kids traipsing through, it is great to have someone who can take care of it and make it look nice at least for a while.

He doesn’t use any yucky chemicals or things which is nice!

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