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Shoes Online

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Buying shoes online seems crazy, but both shoebuy.com and nordstrom.com have the great idea that you can exchange shoes for free if you don’t have the right size. Nordstroms is even better in that you can take the shoes in and return them in a real store. Also, the nordstrom.com site has a much bigger…

Panasonic Fax Film Roll KX-FA53 and FX-FA55 Fax Film Ribbons

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Can’t believe I forgot to Blog where I got this. We have an el cheapo Panasonic Fax machine. Takes carbon paper (remember that stuff) rolls. I’m lying in bed with a bum knee, so time to buy one: * “Aimlower”:http://www.aimlower.com/best/price/OpID_mpbr/mTRN_TRN20030726212617994002248/sfx_6484/bot.htm. I’ve not heard of this price comparison site before, but in any case, they have…