Soccer registration closes

We are well into the swing of the season, but kids can still register * September 30. For select the rules are pretty strict and I really rely on Bob Sigley for this. If you check the WSYSA registrar’s handbook, I think all the deadlines are covered but they often change rules from year to […]

Seeing schedules and team colors

To view game schedules, the need to enter thru the “SYSA”: website. Only the Sept schedule is posted now. Bblue and yellow are club colors and ALL teams have been asked (repeatedly, over the years) to use these colors per SYSA regulations.

Unassigning players

More soccer entries, if someone doesn’t want to play after they are registered and assigned, # Send an email to the parents via find member # Wait until you get email from the parents as you can’t just change things # First find their team, click on the league, select the fields last name, first […]

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