Sun Peaks (Redux)

Tong Family Blog: Sun Peaks Archives. Well we are here again at Sun Peaks and two years later, there are still no real reviews of restaurants. Heard that the steakhouse is busy and slow, but to recap the ones that are still open as listed in the official “Sun Peaks”: website which doesn’t seem quite […]

Sun Peaks Restaurant Reviews

There don’t seem to be many of these reviews, so here is what I and the kids thought. From our biased opinion focused on good food, fast service and nice people mainly. Here are our top picks in rough order of restaurants: “Mantles”: This is in the Delta Sun Peaks. They have got the friendliest […]

Sun Peaks There and Back Again

Sun Peaks Resort – Winter 2004/05. Just got back from there and before I forget, here’s a data dump on having a great time there…. h3. Seattle to Sun Peaks It is about 330 miles and we’ve never gotten there in less than seven hours including a break for lunch and the usual kid stuff. […]

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