MMS from iPhone

AppleInsider | How to send picture messages (MMS) from your iPhone to send your first iPhone MMS message. Simply select a photo from your iPhone’s Photo Album, drop it into a new email message, and address the email to your friend’s text-messaging email. Text messaging email addresses for US carriers The Xs should be replaced […]

Simple Phone

Jon and my parents have both asked me about a simple phone that isn’t complicated or smart like an iPhone or a Blackberry, my two current recommendations. In looking at this, the main criteria are: # Big screen. So you can see the numbers you are dialing (most folks at this level won’t be using […]

Ok, I'm looking for

Ok, I’m looking for three phones…you should definitely check out Amazon. They have a $150 rebate on, it is amazing, main issue is that you can’t get family plans with them. Nextel. Need a replacement for my work phone. There are two choices Nextel i90c. This is the clamshell and is not color, but it […]

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