A decoder ring for Trello and it’s mashup of teams, user name and boards

Every company seems to have a different way of thinking about users and groups and Trello (now part of Atlassian is no different). If you are using this, here are the key things to know: Github-like identities. It is much closer to github in that it prefers that a person have a unique identity. You […]

Week 7 of Life in COVID-19 Land

Well it’s been nearly two months since we started self isolation. Since that last trip, I’ve been in the physical presence of four strangers which is pretty remarkable (always masked up). Some notes on living this way: Goodness, nerds like me are dangerous, but a combination of Zoom and work keeps me busy. This is […]

Using Asana (and Trello) with Chrome and Scrum to manage life in the time of COVID-19

If you are spending a lot of you day at home, then staying organized is not easy, here are some simple tips: On your Mac, turn on Announce Time. Then set it for every half an hour. That corresponds nicely to the Story Points that you use for a Scrum. If you are using Asana, […]

The ultimate Covid-19 Home Office

OK, I’ve gone from spending an hour in my home working to nine Zoom calls on Friday and then working until 10PM on various projects (Covid response, helping companies survive, investment funds, etc.). So suddenly having the right home office setup has become really important. So help the economy and order some stuff, but here […]

Using Asana (and Trello) for a Startup

Well if you are working in a startup, it feel like things start to get out of control, there are a bunch of decent free choices. I’ve used Trello for years and it is a good way to have Kanban cards and is a nice overview of the projects. Also it is free and sharing […]

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