Deep vi hacking when you have 400 files to edit with registers, macros, mksession and wv

Ok this is a truly deep post only for those who are living in vi/vim/neovim and have 400 files to manually edit (because they were idiots and didn’t use shellcheck early enough for their many random bash scripts). So if you have to do this, it rapidly becomes pretty old. You could try to write […]

Advanced vim hacking with neovim, coc, fzf and ripgrep

This product is so deep that I can’t even say how powerful it is. I’ve actually used the very first version of vi (pronounced “vee-eye”) when Bill Joy did the first cut, Wikipedia says it was in the very first BSD version, but that’s a longer story that doesn’t provide the whole story on how […]

More linting is good

Well we’ve been using mypy and other python checking for a while, but just realized that there are ton more for just about any file type: Shellcheck. this is a a great utility that finds all kinds of errors. In my best written shell script, it identified two serious bugs I didn’t realize that I […]

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