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Authentic Military Watches

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For a long time, I had an authentic military issue watch, but then lost it somehow. Getting a Eco-drive reminded me how much I liked that old wathc. “Military-Watches.net”:http://www.military-watches.net/ is a great source for authentic military timepieces. “Marathon”:http://marathonwatch.com makes the el cheapo watches that the US Army gives out. It is high impact plastic and…

Ebel Classic Model Ladies Watches

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Someone was asking about buying women’s watches. These are mainly fashion items now that you get for $25 at the Target. So someone asked me what you are doing and whether it makes sense to go buy something on the Internet or from a local retailer. So here are some findings. First of all, there…

Citizen Watch Bands

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I finally got my Citizen Eco-Drive watch. I have to say the Amazon reviews were quite accurate. It is a really nice watch. Not too expensive. But you do need to get the band fixed by a Citizen “Retailer”:http://direct.where2getit.com/cwc/apps/w2gi.php?sid=46632d07ee3b5&client=citizenus&template=locator2005&postalcode=98004&Submit=Submit, but they are easy to find. JC Penney for instance or Sears does this. The digits…