Windows Boot Drive Crash

Even when on vacation, you find computers everywhere. Someone asked me, “what do I do? when I try to start my computer, I get a boot drive not found”. “Microsoft”: has a good discussion about what happens if you get Operating System Not Found or Missing operating system. The long and short of it is […]

Punkbuster is hard to remove

This is some sort of anticheating software that you can’t really remove called “Punkbuster”: Removing Punkbuster « Bucking the Trend For those who want to really uninstall Punkbuster, the file PnkbstrA.exe is located in the Windows\System32 folder in Windows XP. Before deleting it, go to Start Menu -> Run -> type msconfig, then look at […]

Happy Fathers Day

OK, I must be the only person who gives a visit to fix a computer as part of a Father’s Day gift, but some quick notes for making things easier for people who don’t want the hassle: # “Autologon”: enabled. Before Windows got secure, with Windows 95, you didn’t have to worry about logons. Mac […]

Wallpaper Changer

I love how Mac OS X changes the wallpaper automatically. With Windows XP, there is a “Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys Wallpaper Changer”: that does the same thing essentially. Like the Mac one, the main drawback is that it won’t search through lots of directories to find lots of wallpapers, so everything has to be in […]

dBpoweramp audible backup

If you want to backup your audible .aa files because you are worried about being away and not activating properly, here is what to do. I had forgotten how to do this but needed to remember because I lost my Windows XP installation: # Find an old copy of the Audible Manager. The one I […]

C Drive is failing!

Yikes, one of our machines has a faiilng C drive. It is a great 74GB Western Digital 10,000 rpm drive, but I can’t defrag it. It won’t completel. Norton Ghost fails on reading sectors. When I try to chkdsk, it comes out fine, so something is wrong. Time to figure out how to migrate to […]

Windows XP Product Activation Key

Ok, I’m trapped away from my Windows XP CD, what do I do? # If you want to know the current Product Activation Key, you can download the Magical Bean Key Finder (current version 2.01). As “Mike Devlin”: points out there are a couple of key viewers pre-SP2 and post SP2. # If you want […]


Dad gave me an old laptop to use. It is from 2004! So it needs lots of updating. First up is to get: # “Java”: So that I can write programs # “Dr. Java”: Which is a simple editor and program # “Intel 2200 BG”: I couldn’t connect to Apple’s latest Time Capsule and my […]

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