Ugh WordPress database crashes

Ive been trying to be cheap with my DigitalOcean WordPress installation. I use a $5/month 1GB memory droplet which works pretty well. The problem is that if you run out of physical memory, then MySQL will crash and you get the dreaded, “No database connection message”. Here is what I’m doing about it:I created a […]

Getting Mail to work properly from WordPress

Well this has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. When you work with WordPress, it eventually does like to send mail to folks as an administrator. How do you make this work. If you are using Amazon AWS Lightsail, the default Bitnami image has something called WP Mail SMTP preloaded. You […]

Eureka! URL, Landing Pages and Domain Redirects from Registrar to DNS to MU WordPress

Man this information is just littered everywhere and it is nearly impossible to figure out and has taken me three months of wandering the Internet, but for most modern installations, you really want three levels of flexibility: Lots of different domain names pointing to the same base site. In these modern times, you want to […]

Using WordPress Gutenberg to embed other websites

The new Gutenberg editor is pretty neat. You can use edit blocks and widgets easily. It’s not quite as nice as Elementor in terms of control, but that doesn’t matter that much for ordinary blog sites. One thing that is handy though is to be able to embed complex sites. The COVID-19 tracker metapage that […]

Simple keyboard shortcut tips

Well some are so obviously useful If you are editing with WordPress or the iOS app. It has a smart paste. If u have a url in the clipboard. Highlight text will be be replaced. Instead a link goes there. Nice with shortcuts as highlight and ctrl-v just works. iOS track pad mode. If you […]

DigitalOcean WordPress Database Connection Cannot Be Reestablished

This happened again on one of my servers. The last time, it had to do with the lack of a swap file and then running out of physical memory. Usually a reboot helps which you do like this: Rebooting a Digital Ocean image by ssh into the machine and then sudo service apache2 restart and […]

Customizing Astra Sierra Industry Template

If you have finished importing this, then time to do the conversion to your site, here are the details: Change the logo, this is a little trickier than you think. The easiest thing to do is to use Noun Project to get a nice graphic and then add your company name to it. You can […]

Review of WordPress Themes for Business

OK, we finished the review of some themes for a personal blog with scrolling content. That is quite different than something that is meant to be a front facing page for a small business or a new product. There are lots of themes that try to do this basic layout and most are paid themes, […]

Bootstrap Multisite WordPress on AWS Lightsail

I wrote one on how to do this with Digital Ocean Multisite WordPress, but if you are on AWS, then you have some different options for Lightsail which is the easiest option. The instructions are really confusing, but basically, you use the Lightsail instructions to get it running and to get Route53 configured and then […]

Adding a registered or trademark symbol to WordPress sites

Well if you smart, you have gone to the government and registered your company name as a trademark, but you have to defend your mark and make sure that it is used. It is a little tricky to figure out how to do this, so here’s what to do in WordPress: While you can figure […]

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