Fring lets you call from iPod Touch or iPhone over Skype

Fring Enables VoIP Calls Over Wi-Fi for iPhone with Skype Support – Mac Rumors Can call directly using iPhone to another person with iPhone running Fring- Call MSN or Skype users that are using their computer- Call using Skype account, which allows you to have your own Skype number and at a discount rate for […]

Clickz on Ad Placements

Hat tip to Bill on this one, a good source of overview information that shows the size of the internet advertising business. “Clickz”: which is mainly from Neilson Online (really “Netratings”: Some tidbits: * Web Media (what ever that is?) is largest at 74B impressions per month* Financial services is the largest segment I understand […]

Get to first…

PC World – Business Center: Yahoo to Add New Domains to Webmail Service starting Thursday and for the first time, the service will offer addresses in two other domains besides and If they find an address they like better, users with existing accounts in Yahoo Mail or other webmail service will be […]

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