Morgan Nicol, founder of

Morgan Nicol, founder of Ritchey International has branched out in a new direction, founding Oval, dedicated to producing top end components like the new carbon fiber aerodynamic fork, created and patented by Lance Armstrong’s go-fast guru John Cobb. Look for the Oval aero fork to make its first appearance in this years Tour De France […]

Domain Names Registrars – Dotster.

Domain Names Registrars – Dotster. It is hard to believe, but there is actually a website that is a portal for domain registration and other low cost web hosting services. I’m going to try dotster to see if this works better than the $35/year that network solutions charges. Wish me luck. You’ll see shortly […]

Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Guide:

Tom’s Hardware Guide CPU Guide: The Final Battle: P4/2400 vs. Athlon XP 2100 (2400 ) – Intel Pentium 4 vs. AMD Athlon XP The chapter on memory is clearly of a political nature, because ultimately, Intel has committed itself to DDR technology after RDRAM was massively boycotted by the market. With the continually increasing clock […]

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