First some cross-links to the fam on the Internet from various sources. Some folks are basically invisible, others not so much:

Alex Tong

Here he is on the Internet including mainly hard-core nerd topics. You can find him at but here are some of his videos on YouTube and also from his channel there at @alexandertong6033:

Grace Tong

You can find her on, but here are some of her videos from @graceytong:

Calvin Tong

Well, you can’t find him on the network yet (because I took down his site), but he will appear soon at

Trang Le

She’s mainly famous for her work at and and doesn’t 2020 seem like ancient history, “Millions of Masks for Kids”, see more at Kidmasks Videos:

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Protected Family Posts

Finally, just for the family, there are some protected posts that you shouldn’t be able to enter 🙂 but checkout Tongfamily Protected Family Posts:

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