2003 XTR Preview! Shimano's flagshDrivetrain:

2003 XTR Preview! Shimano’s flagshDrivetrain: It is still 9-speed and compatible with current 9-s components, although there are updates in drivetrain technology. The new crankset is still hollow, but is now a two-piece setup (the bottom bracket spindle is one-piece with the driveside crankarm, the left crankarm clamps onto the splines similar to a BMX […]

Mountain Bike – News –

Mountain Bike – News – Answer’s Manitou to launch 5th element in 2003 Eric Carter, Intense, and Santa Cruz all began to play around with and race (successfully) on the 5th Element last season, with the latter two entering into exclusive OE deals with Progressive. That’s right, Intense and Santa Cruz are the only two […]

Mountain Bike – News –

Mountain Bike – News – Klein to replace Adept with Maverick-based design in 2003. The Klein design will be called the Palomino, and should hit stores for the 2003 season, and will replace the Adept platform. Klein’s Harry Spehar said there will be three bikes available, with kits based around Shimano LX, XT and XTR […]

How to Enable NTLM 2

How to Enable NTLM 2 Authentication for Windows 95/98/2000/NT. The start of my study on how to let Windows 98 machines access Windows XP Professional files without just opening everything up. I thought that Lan Manager authentication woudl take care of this, but apparently, it is more complex. There is LM, NTLM v1 and NTLM […]

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