FrontPage? Online Support – SiteCrafters

FrontPage? Online Support – SiteCrafters Internet Services. It’s been bothering me how to put a simple password on my hosted web site. It’s actually quite easy to password protect if you have IIS on a machine where you control the directory since it integrates with NT authentication. But, what if it is on a hosted […]

The Dream Do-it-yourself PC. Hoops

The Dream Do-it-yourself PC. Hoops asked me to put together a dream machine for him. Here are the links for the smallest, but most functional machine I can imagine. Thanks to Tom’s Hardware” and C|Net for recommendations and Pricegrabber for the best place to buy things. If you’re interested, this machine is about the same […]

BlackBerry Internet Edition. Connie uses

BlackBerry Internet Edition. Connie uses a Blackberry Internet Edition by Aether. For some crazy reason, they don’t point to the home site of Aether, so you have to know the detailed information is at Nor do they tell you where the user interface is at No Comm Methods when all other queries on […]

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