Mavic Technical Manuals. It is

Mavic Technical Manuals. It is very hard to find the Mavic technical manuals online for bike parts because it is for dealers only and is password protected. Turns out however that the various PDFs are still crawled by google, so you can get to them with a search. Here is the one on the Ksyrium […]

Sheldon Brown Bike Advice, Branford

Sheldon Brown Bike Advice, Lickton’s. I find Sheldon and Branford to be the two best sources on the Internet. There was recently a story about Sheldon in Bike magazine and it is true he knows an amazing amount. Very responsive on mail too. I highly recommend any of these small local shops. You can pretty […]

VentureWire Index. The chart shows

VentureWire Index. The chart shows the 90-day trailing average of the amount invested in venture-capital deals each day for the 90 days preceding today. The daily numerical index () is an index of the amount of private equity invested yesterday, with the percent change being the difference between today’s 90-day trailing index, and the 90-day […]

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