OpenSSH, FTP and other Unix utilities

OpenSSH. This is the replacement for telnet. It is amazing how many old Unix utilities like ftp and telnet are still being used. Heck, I learned how to use it in 1975 when I was a teenager. I guess that dates me. At least, some things aren’t obsolete. I’m switching to ssh since it is […]

APD |. It is pretty

APD |. It is pretty frustrating to be writing PHP without a debugger. Here’s one that some folks pointed out. I tried another debugger a while back and it was terrible. APD is the Advanced PHP Debugger. It was written to provide strace/truss capability for profiling and debugging php code, as well as providing the […]

PEAR :: Manual: Mail_RFC822. Eureka,

PEAR :: Manual: Mail_RFC822. Eureka, I discovered that I had just forgotten the declaration that asks for the right file that is require_once ‘Mail.php’ That’s is. Then you can use the method Mail::parserecipients(“strong”) to get the list. Wow, amazing how i figured this out just when I went to bed. The problem is that code […]

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