Microsoft guy critiques Windows Media Player

jetsam redux. Joe critiques Media Player and I gather he got lots of questions about why a Microsoft person would criticize a product. Bravo to you Joe. Nothing gets better if you don’t think critically about it IMHO. I have never yet seen a perfect product or one that couldn’t use improvement. Even ones in […]


Joe who’s at Microsoft write about Bherbolds new book Be Wary of Fiefdoms. Fiefdoms. Fiefdoms. I spent 12 years living in them. The anecdote about how many people do you have working for you. During my early years at Microsoft, I found that Bill wasn’t the only top executive who was frustrated with the inefficiency […]

Jasonw points out a great site called that covers the gooks and fun mistakes made in movies. Kind of interesting for a geek like me. When filming the battle of Helm’s Deep the makers used a computer programme called Massive, where each person has its own “mind”, making it far easier to generate huge […]

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