Big Day Tomorrow

Lance is only 30 seconds or so ahead, so the upcoming time trial is key. “Chris Carmichael”: says that this could be the deciding moment. A short race, perfect for an Ullrich vs. Armstrong race. Also, if you missed it, here the incredible footage of the “Beloki”: crash on stage 10 and Lance doing the […]

Bike Materials

tubing. A long thread on what frame material is better led to this article that is an objective view of the material strength. Great for geeks, while others debate (endlessly) whether a steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber bike is better. Anyway interesting reading, it shows essentially, that steelis the most dense between aluminum and […]

Ciclosport HAC4 vs. Polar s720i Comparison. A good comparison of the two best cyclocomputers out there. The Polar, I have. It is twice as expensive because it measures power output more exactly, but the HAC4 has more features. Plus, Lance uses the HAC4. Anyway, I ordered the power output kit for the Polar, so we’ll see. Beside the more […]

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