Spam beats Bayesian Filtering

The Fishbowl: Bayesian Filtering: The Spam Fights Back. BEsids having the absolutely best tagline for a web site (tail -f /dev/mind > blog), he does a good job explaing the latest attacks on spam filters. I’ve been using a Bayesian filter called popfile with good results, but this latest attack will mystify it. “Spammers Compendium”: […]

Furrygoats view on DVD Burning Software

DVD Software Best of Breed. Another hat tip to Ludwig. This is Furrygoat’s view of good DVD software. He likes DVDLabs, TMP2Enc and Nero which I agree with. And, Windows Movie Maker which I don’t like. The ones I need to try in addition are: “Muvee Auto Producer”: This is an editing package for $50. […]

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