New Shuttle Boxes and Optorite Drives

“Shuttle Launches”: and “Optorite DD0401”: Just when I thought it was safe to make Christmas recommendations, now come two Shuttle boxes that could change the recommendations so that the SK43G becomes the new low-end machine of choice and the ST61G4 has the ATI graphics chipset so maybe the last barrier for Shuttle (slow onboard graphics […]

Athlon 64 vs. Athlon 3200+ vs. Pentium IV

[H]ard|OCP – Shuttle SN85G4 and “Pentium vs. Athlon”: This comparison was done between Athlon 64 3200+ and a host of machines including a fast Pentium 3200 system. On the charts, the top is the Shuttle and the bottom is the Pentium. Shows it to be about 20% faster. That’s pretty amazing considering that the Pentium […]

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