Harpoon Geekfest

OK I’m fully addicted again, playing Harpoon and I’ve forgotten all my old tricks. Here are some site to look at: * Submarine games and sims – SUBSIM Review. EVerything you ever wanted to iknow about submarine simulations if you can believe that. * “JC Press on Harpoon”:http://www.jcpress.com/tailhook/basic.htm. Some good strategies. There was an old […]

It's Winter Time: What About Chains?

tirechain.com. So the chains I get from Fred Meyer never seem like they’ll work that well. With Connie’s new car and us going in the snow, time to consult the Internet. Of course, there is an expert at tirechain.com to help you out. Never imagined so many different products could get reviewed. The long and […]

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