“Lu Bo Lang”:http://www.lubolang.com/ Restaurant (?????) lu4 bo1 lang2 jiu3 lou2 or literally green wave porch) was one of first restaurant we ever visited in Shanghai. It is right next to the famous “Yu Gardens”:http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2761741-yu_gardens_shanghai-i and has been host to lots of Presidents most recently Clinton. There is a huge picture there. They are famous for their typical Shanghai cuisine ????? including xiao long bao ??? which you need a “tutorial”:http://eatingchinese.org/xlbtutor/xlbtutor.html to eat without burning yourself that is essentially to nibble from the bottom to get the great soup. Don’t just gulp it down!

They also have a version of Shanghai dian xin ???? which is quite tasty. It is a wonderfully touristy location with lots of westerners and a Starbucks right outside and lots of bargaining for counterfeit trading cards, etc.

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