Topolino Carbon Core


I’ve been using Topolino wheels since they first came out. They are exotic and expensive, but very lightweight and incredibly durable. I just had the hub rebuilt and I’ve only had to true the wheels once in 10,000 plus miles.

Now they are doing a next generation wheelset so they will get lighter and even more expensive 🙂

The claimed weight is CX2.0 is 1360 grams (compared with 1475 for the aluminum rims I have). They still use their very lightweight carbon-kevlar spokes. Tjhey also now use ceramic bearings and have a lighter freehub that supports the Shimano 10-speed freehub. It will be about $1200 per wheelset available in January. Their aero profile AX3.0 is 1460 gramsand 30mm high.

If you have $2000 handy and don’t mind tubulars, they have a 1125 gram tubular set as well that does have a carbon fiber rim (vs. aluminum in the CX2.0 and AX3.0).

Let the bike lust begin 🙂

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