What is an F/Stop?

Ever wonder what an f/stop is, well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-number has a great explanation. This is essentially a way to express how wide open a lense is in a camera. It is a pretty simple idea. An F-number or F-stop or aperture setting of F/1 means that for a 77mm lense (as on my big Canon lenses), […]

Notes on using CFLs

Some great real world lessons here. They are in short, you can’t use them in a can, with a dimmer or where you are turning them on and off alot. (That’s a lot of limitations), but they do save 4x in power. Check out “1000Bulbs.com”:http://100bulbs.com and stay about from the $1-2/bulb ones. You have to […]

Font common to Mac and Windows

“Ampsoft”:http://www.ampsoft.net/webdesign-l/WindowsMacFonts.html explains what “browser safe fonts” are available. These are fonts that are both on Windows and the “Macintosh”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fonts_in_Mac_OS_X. “Codestyle.org”:http://www.codestyle.org/css/font-family/sampler-CombinedResults.shtml has a study of what fonts are available on how many computers. Also, if you love typography, check out “Typowiki”:http://typophile.com/typowiki. You can also be a little more aggressive and assume that Microsoft Office is installed […]

China Disaster Relief

We’ve been trying to efficiently donate as a group to help all those poor folks in China. Our Chinese affiliate, “Qiming”:http://qimingventures.com is giving through the Chinese Red Cross, but if you are out of China, what are your options? We just want something simple that takes a credit card. First, “Charity Navigator”:http://charitynavigator.com came up from […]

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