Day: July 11, 2008

Mac OS X for Windows Users

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I’m actually kind of amazed there are so few “books”: and other resources that help a Windows user navigate the Mac. In the dawn of time, I worked on a project that made Excel understandable to Lotus 1-2-3 users, but given there are just a few small things, I sometimes wonder why Apple just doesn’t…

Cool Tool, iphone availability and early reviews

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“Apple”: has a tool showing what is available where. The stores open at 8AM. Amazing the demang. All models except the Black 16GB in Alderwood Mall are available at all four Seattle area stores in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Seattle and Tukwila. 16GB Black not surprisingly is the most popular model. And there are activation issues that…

DxO v5 sadness and alternatives

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I’ve loved DxO for a while because it handles distortion correctly. Sadly the move to “5.0”: has gone poorly with lots of crashes and even with 5.2, people are still complaining about poor conversion and so forth. It’s not the only example of software taking giant steps backwards. Kind of sad. I have noticed that…


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From a Credit Suisse investment report The U.S. is usually considered the consumer capital of the world and consumption of food is no exception as the world-leading obesity levels suggest. Using data from Center for Disease Control and the Forum for Health Economics and Policy, we estimate that 54% of the U.S. population is overweight…

Best way to get an iPhone 3G is to order from an AT&T Store

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Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About Turnout appears to be heaviest at Apple’s retail locations, however many AT&T locations still be managing to sell out in under an hour. At stores where stock has run out AT&T is accepting orders that will arrive within the next few days. Alleyinsider surveyed 10…

iPhone for Business

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If you are a business with an “AT&T”: account, you can buy the iPhone 3G via their “Premier”: portal support system. You just have to make sure you are eligible and the company pays your wireless bills. And you get an 8% discount on top of everything if you have five or more CRUs. They…

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