Canon Macro lenses

While you could buy a dedicated macro lenses there are so many options with Canon, so there is a good Photos of the Year review which explains the many different options from extension tubes, teleconverters and diopter thingies. Simply put, he recommends getting a 1.4x teleconverter which takes your 70-200 F/2.8 to a 300mm lense that […]

Playstation Network back up and AT&T free stuff

And Sony is working hard to get users back: They are trying to give users free PS3 titles, Of the 5 PS3 titles available for download, users can select two: Dead Nation ($14.99) inFAMOUS ($23.44) LittleBigPlanet ($17.98) Super Stardust HD ($9.99) Wipeout HD + Fury ($19.99) Among those games, both inFamous and Wipeout HD provide the most value, otherwise costing over $40 combined. Finally at […]

HDMI over CAT5 and IP

Well this is interesting. Since HDMI is actually digital, folks have been building transceivers that take say the HDMI from a Tivo and its IR and hauling it over CAT5 or CAT6 to a device far away.  The system we use is quite flaky with audio and video and seems to lose synchronization so you […]

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