Gamers PC Blu Ray Player Samsung SE-506 or use digital downloads only

OK, I thought I could get away without an optical drive, but it is pretty clear that PC games are still delivered this way, so I still need some way to read them. Not everything is on Steam or downloadable yet (when will that be???). You do have to suffer with things like EA’s Origin […]

Cyberpower AVR vs LCD

I got a Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD which is a pure sinewave version costing $200. It is confusing as there is also a model called CP1500AVR and CP1500AVRLCD. AVR means that it isn’t an actual sine wave, but a triangular. Not so good theoretically for modern power supplies that use PFC. If you can get away with it, the […]

The difference between a .dmg and .cdr and .sio

The difference between a .dmg file…: Apple Support Communities explains a bunch to me. Basically, if you want to get a disk image, the Mac way is called .dmg. The PC way is called .cdr or .iso (they are the same). The Apple Disk Utility has a conversion that lets you swap. Just double click on […]

Ubiquiti Unifi AP-Pro beware get 2.3.x and switch to HT40

Well that was quick, got one of these units. Supposed to be amazing on range and manageability. Has 3×3 MIMO at 2.4GBHz and 2×2 at 5GHz. Also it uses POE, so I should need a power cord. We have an old Netgear GS748TP switch and it is supposed to do power over ethernet automatically. The […]

Gamer PC Fans Noiseblocker M12-S1

I’ve used the Nexus 120 SilentX fans for the last five years, but things always get better, so for quite a bit more money, you can get fans that are amazingly quiet and cool. just updated their reviews and liked: Noiseblocker M12-S1. It is expensive at $22 a pop, but unreal quiet spinning at only […]

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