Can your Mac run OS X Yosemite? Find out here

Given how tough the last releases have been particularly with iOS 7.0 and 8.0 and Mavericks (which seemed pretty rough), I have to say I’m surprised by how smooth 8.1 and Yosemite have gone. Seems like it runs the same if not faster on old hardware. Our venerable iMac 2009 seems to like it (albeit […]

Things broken on Yosemite

Not surprising really: Tunnelblick. This is an OpenVPN system. Seems to hang network access on Yosemite. This gets fixed by the latest update to Tunnelblick. You have to manually down load it. Lastpass. Seems to forget the email and that I have already typed a password. This gets fixed by the latest version of Lastpass, […]

The next turn of the crank for nVidia, 4K displays happen next year

Both nVidia and AMD are going to ship their next video card generation (the 880?) next year on 20nm. Wow, what a tough time to be buying cards. It sounds like, if you can wait, then you might want to see that turn of the crank. Rumor is less power required and maybe cheaper. That […]

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