Month: January 2017

LG’s 2017 OLED 4K HDR TVs Now Available for Pre-order, Prices Revealed

0 Comment if you can wait then let the 2017 LG oled drop in price. If I can’t wait the 2016 b6 is a great value. The main features at 25% greater brightness for a tv that was already the brightest. And a little more color space. Net the 2016 b6 is good enough for many…

Monoprice MPCP28UHD DisplayPort and Satachi USB C to HDMI do not work

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OK some more strange things about this 4K display. Besides really being washed out and inaccurate color-wise, it has another problem. It does not seem to advertise itself properly with DisplayPort. On an older MacBook Pro 2010 that can display 2.5K properly on other monitors, like the ASUS 2.5K or the Benq 32″ 2.5K, this…

So what happens when you get an exclamation point on your android phone

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Ok so this weekend, I’m staring at a phone on a Verizon MVNO (the AARP sponsored one) which worked fine and suddenly it can’t access the Internet. I also see an exclamation point next to the LTE signal symbol.  And when you click on the internet you get to a site called and it…

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