Buying the latest Apple Gizmos from Watches to iPhones to iPad Pros

Wow, the world has certainly never stopped providing the power nerd with cool products. Apple’s latest announcement provides ever more expensive and ever cooler technology for every day use. Here are some notes on things to get the person who has everything this Christmas. In order of coolness to value ratio. iPhone XR Red 128GB […]

Playing with AI, Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Wow it’s just gotten so much easier to write machine learning applications. A great case in point is bringing up your very own chatbot that understand natural languages whether it comes in on SMS messages, via Google Assistant or Whatapps or any of a zillion of other places. Looking at various tutorials, most or them […]

Sony A7R3 and RX100M6 Highest Resolution, Lowest Noise

OK been playing with these cameras for a month now and figuring out what the best mode is. The first consideration is that you really want the highest resolution and also the lowest noise for each. Aperture Priority and Base ISO in good light There seem to be two really good settings for this. The […]

Bluetooth Headphones and all things codecs

Ok, you knew life wouldn’t be simple, but now that Apple (and Google and everyone else) are eliminating that 3.5mm jack, it does seem like a push to Bluetooth wireless headphones is inevitable. Naturally, technology means that it is super complicated to get audiophile quality from these things. Here’s a short decoder ring: Format available […]

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