What font did Tesla use yesterday at the cybertruck launch? – identifythisfont

What font did Tesla use yesterday? Think what you like about the event, I thought the font is just cool. It costs something but really cool It’s called BB Strata Pro https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/boldstudio/bb-strata-pro/text-medium/ Using whatfontis.com for those you on a budget, College Sans is pretty close. — Read on www.reddit.com/r/identifythisfont/comments/dzz7ii/what_font_did_tesla_use_yesterday/

Sony A7R III digital photography workflow for fall 2019

OK, I seem to update this everytime I use the camera, but this should also apply to the A7R IV, although I don’t quite have one. Here are the recommendations based on the three different types of photos you can take Use RAW on a Mac or PC for regular photos Although the JPEG processing […]

Use Google Chrome to determine fonts on a website

Well, this is pretty confusing mainly because the Chrome developer tools keep changing, but for November 2019, here is how to do it: Download Chrome Enable Developer tools Start them with View/Developer/Developer Tools Now a window opens on the left, you want to click on the upper left icon there called Select Item to Inspect […]

Limitations of Google Slides for IOS and Web version

Well, it is good to push products and one area that I’ve been confused about is what are the limitations for Google Slides for the iPhone and on the Web. It is remarkably good at collaboration and “good enough” layout, but if you want to really get work done on an iPad only can you? […]

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