Switching to Apple One make sure to turn off iCloud Storage

I didn’t realize this but when trying Apple One, it turns off the Apple Music plan for $15, but it does not turn off iCloud Storage for $10. Instead you end up paying for both and getting 4TB instead of 2TB of storage. It’s not hard to shutoff but kind of annoying. You go to […]

Quick crib notes and checklist for creating a new entity or company

OK I spend so much time making new companies or non-profits these days, it’s useful just to have a quick checklist for things to do: Pick a credit card that you will use for this that is easy to separate from your personal expenses, this will make taxes much easier! Use Namecheap to get a […]

Little Kitchen stocking stuffers from gloves to mandolins

(Ok, post election but still stressed, so more posts of random junk.) But if you want to round out your kitchen, Cooks Illustrated (subscription required) has some great recommendations: Mercer’s Culinary MercerGuard Cut Glove. So this is a thin glove that keeps you from cutting yourself accidentally. Great for mandolines in particular but also for […]

GitHub-fu from master to main and handling upstream quickly

Now that GitHub has made the transition from master (good-bye slavery!), all existing repos need to change otherwise you will never remember if you should git checkout master or main. Fortunately the steps are pretty easy: Rename your local branch from master to main with git branch -m master main where I think -m means […]

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