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!>http://www.headphone.com/productphotos/small/0020331310_2560.jpg! After our most recent trip, nearly all of our earbuds have simply died. Usually, the little cable breaks, so what to do if you need a lot of these and they take abuse. “Headphones.com”:http://headphones.com has some of the best reviews I’ve seen. It is how I originally got the Etymotic ER-6i and ER-4p and…

Etymotic Accessories

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I’ve got a set of ER4-Ps, ER4-Ss and ER-6s from Etymotic. They are all really superb in terms of quality, but over time, I’ve lost the various components. like pouches and bags. “Etymotic”:https://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er4-acc.aspx itself sells the little pouches for $4 each and also has a winder for the cables that is very handy since the…