Finally fixing a server rack, plugging in Obihai right and DHCP rogues

Well it’s been years but we’ve had an old rack that isn’t the computer standard 19” rack and in looking at the logo on the side (chatsworth rack) I couldn’t find anything about it. But one chance remark from a hime theater expert really helped me. Tom said, yes those 23 inch racks are such […]

Of weirdo 23″ Telecom vs 19″ computer racks and things

Ok, if you are unlucky enough you might have an older 23″ telecom rack. The annoying thing is that most computer components these days are 19″ wide. What’s all this then about 19″ racks? As an aside, it’s hard to believe we are using a 100 years standard set by AT&T in 1922 for racks […]

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