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MMS from iPhone

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AppleInsider | How to send picture messages (MMS) from your iPhone to send your first iPhone MMS message. Simply select a photo from your iPhone’s Photo Album, drop it into a new email message, and address the email to your friend’s text-messaging email. Text messaging email addresses for US carriers The Xs should be replaced…

Update on installing Chinese input on Blackberry

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Well, I keep referring to my “own”:https://www.tongfamily.com/gadgets/blackberry/chinese_blackberry_and_cingular_blackberry.php page that explains how to install Chinese input on the Blackberry. The two main steps that work for Blackberry 8700 and 8300 Curves is: * “Hong Kong CSL”:https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=EEFC9E10EBDC4A2333B42B2DBB8F27B6 is still after two years the easiest way to get the Chinese versions. These are not multilingual. Chinese is handled…