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DxO v5 sadness and alternatives

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I’ve loved DxO for a while because it handles distortion correctly. Sadly the move to “5.0”:http://luminous-landscape.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26493 has gone poorly with lots of crashes and even with 5.2, people are still complaining about poor conversion and so forth. It’s not the only example of software taking giant steps backwards. Kind of sad. I have noticed that…


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From a Credit Suisse investment report The U.S. is usually considered the consumer capital of the world and consumption of food is no exception as the world-leading obesity levels suggest. Using data from Center for Disease Control and the Forum for Health Economics and Policy, we estimate that 54% of the U.S. population is overweight…

Wikka Wiki

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OK, we’ve finally got a good use for a wiki. As we are rolling out a new office, it is a great place to put construction and other documents. So off to find one. “Bluehost.com”:http://bluehost.com has Wikka Wiki as their top choice. Seems simple enough. SQL based. Not as complicated as MediaWiki which is what…