DigitalOcean WordPress Database Connection Cannot Be Reestablished

This happened again on one of my servers. The last time, it had to do with the lack of a swap file and then running out of physical memory. Usually a reboot helps which you do like this: Rebooting a Digital Ocean image by ssh into the machine and then sudo service apache2 restart and […]

Time Capsule is “preparing” forever, diagnostics and also hangs

I have two different problems now. First, the Time Capsule at work is “preparing”: forever. No one really has a resolution to this. I’ve run it for 24 hours and it never stops preparing. I really don’t want to lose my backups, but not sure what to do. Maybe take it home over the weekend […]

Camcorder for casual use

Jim asked me, what’s a good camcorder for someone who isn’t a serious pro but who wants good pictures. It can’t be too big. There is really just one afictionado choice right now, the “Canon HF-10”: and “Pricegrabber”: has it for $830 or so right now. The reviews have been very good, it is high […]

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